Working Out

One of the hobby i like is working out. why working out? it helps me to focus on the parts of muscles that i want to work out. We a plenty of muscles for building. For examples, triceps, bices, legs muscles, shoulders muscles and etc. So if i dont focus, i will hurt my muscles, or probably going to train teh wrong parts. Furthermore, while working out, all those stress, from studies or relationship, it doesnt matter what stress are they, will be gone while im training. This is why i choose working out as my first hobby


The second hobby is playing frisbee. First of all,m what is frisbee, it is a dish-like thing. it is like throwing a dish out to the air and make sure your teammates catch it. Since frisbee is a team game, it requires a team to be cooperative enough in order to achieve their goals. The goal is simple, bringing teh frisbee from your zone, passed through opponents and throw it to the teammate at the N-Zone. N-Zone is the finish line.


The last hobby is playing badminton. Now, badminton is a common exercize and i am sure everyone knows what is it so straight to the point. it helps me to keep my body fit. Why do i say so? It is because playing badminton requires our moving steps back to forth and left to right in order to play it so it requires stamina. So yeah , laying healthy basically makes me healthy.